The Queen orders assassination on former daughter in-law Fergie

Greed attracts Greed

Prince Charles goes into hiding, Buckingham Palace shuts down London, Tower of London holding cell open for business, battle ships  HMS Queen Elizabeth  and King George  surround Bahrain to save the Duke of York from further  heartbreak

Queen Elizabeth caught in a video sting as she shakes ( gloves off) the hands of a criminal, after closing the deal. The imposer, Mazhit-Manky-Mahamood is captured, drawn and quartered. His guts are fed to the hogs

The Queen counting the tabloid newspaper Crown notes for  selling everything on Fergie at a value of 30P, Evening Edition. MI6 gives Her Majesty  the scoop, were she was conceived.  Between a horse and ox, in a padlock during a 2pm feeding , the act took some time to figure out the logistics of which mare  was open to mate..


In a fit of rage, Her Majesty rips apart the dough and destroys her prized rose garden, she will not attend the execution

The Queen overcome by shame , Her Majesty collapses, the Duch-less of York has ended her love

Fergie: “It is true that my financial situation is under stress. However, that is not an  excuse for my serious lapse in greed  and I am very sorry that this has happened to me and that my mother in law’s portrait on theses Bank notes will remind me that I still love seeing  her  500,000 times in this way.”

News of the World; Does York suffer from a gambling habit? what her interview on Oprah  on Tuesday who pays her $$$ to spills her dilemma. The Queen will be watching, deciding whether to condemn  Oprah as an instigator of embarrassing her family further.

Howard Hughes’ Temptation of Will


Howard Hughes’ biplane

In this study of Howard Hughes I have many crashes, the upper wing toppled, the twine snapped, the wheels and axle broke apart, the engine casing collapsed. Was this an omen? Was I seeing my fate? After all this was a troubled man, a true visionary testing his ability to conqueror something other than his well being

This at the very least was a playboy, I felt it immediately. In the feinin, “I saw it in his smile, and with his disposition. This was a man who had it all. In possibilities and tragedies. An extraordinaire who took giant leaps to free himself from the (peasants). A triumph of will, a beautiful spirit who overcame the monotony of time, alone. – Jealous, shameful people, take it bastards.”


So there it is, my end, alone, tired, frighten and ashamed of myself, I ended my life

The Coco Channel Heist at Musee d’Art Moderne

Underground Art Collectors

Carl Latherhair, Sabasbation Johneau and Amedeo Modigliani’s “Woman with the Fan(1919)” pose for the Underground Art Collectors Magazine

Sabasbation Johneau: “You know Maestro Carl, I had to sleep with the curator to get this frame, I hope you happy because it felt so good for the first time since you’ve been seeing me, now get that Modigliani off the wall, don’t you see those Coco Channel decorative nails have ruined our bedroom decor”

Carl Latherhair; “Carta ragazzo came here, kneel , what have I told you about boasting, all I asked you is if you deliver the newspaper weekly at 12am and if it was ok for you to sleep over and how can yo say I’m dating you now? Where’s the penthouse Carta ragazzo, you don’t expect me to visit you in one of your shared bunkers, “whack

Who owns this work besides Carl Latherhair?

1. A Collector
2. A fool
3. One of forty forgeries out there
4. 50% off the value of the stolen painting
5. The gallery

After the Musee d’Art Moderne heist

Broadway Boogie Woogie – Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie is one of the most important paintings in modernism

Streets, traffic lights and buildings, Manhattan….So who knew that my jacket was empty, they did. When I cried, who knew, they too, so why steal it?

In a series of compositions, I was overcome by restrictions rendering me to re-shoot this work many times. I had it, but it was too dark, the next day it rained casing inconsistent shadows in the room. With more interruptions I began to think, was I was rushing it? Indeed I was, but he would not let me, ” Finish the mockup, do it to scale, don’t skip, be patient. I understand you are hurt, abandoned, loyal to survival, pushing me to see that life can’t end unless you dream of yourself….cannoned.”

In the feinin; ” What a day, I am so amazed, where ever I go, I see things alike, tall structures, bending arcs, shelves, banisters, toffee trays. I like to know what day is is, The same as all, how wonderful it is to spent time cherishing lovely thoughts, I am a prince, are you a frog, lovely, lovely, happy, joyous art. Miracle, genuine, poet, lunch, city streets, parallel parking, different tea

I very much liked this work, I wonder why I tore it off the wall with such anger and maliciousness

Man Ray

One of the most recognized photographs in art,Man Ray’s , Le Violon d’Ingres

In this study I pondered whether I could believe what I had accomplished enabled my intrigue. Its never too late to remember Man Ray, his heart swept passed me judging greatness equal in magnitude, yet regrettable his pain, torture and fighting enemies quelling my motives to surprise.

In the feinin; “In this new composition I figured out a way to think beyond the norm, A powerful sense of casting silhouettes perfectly draped . Kisses to the women, i dreamed to touch, to fondle their bareback, the prickle of hair raised from their armpit. In this time, I wanted to speak, too close to the edge, to terrifying to see. Montage, everlasting dream, gay* folly and troubled. Aberration, apple, neuf, pineapple, consent, ageless, hoopla”

* Full of or showing high spirited merriment

Francesca Woodman’s Regret

In the study of Francesca Woodman, I felt nauseous, dizzy and just wanted to vomit. I also thought these objects were caving in on me, trapped under the refuse of my own doing. See the Tate’s Artist rooms on her

Francesca Woodman is considered one of the most powerful surreal photographers of the twentieth century, her work stands along masters such as Man Ray and Robert Mapplethorpe

in the feinin; “Memories, chicks, tomato soup, fumble needles wrapped over my thumb. Toiletries, magic markers, ghostly visions I’ll love to see again. Close to his heart, sitting between his lap, pulling off my clothes, saddle riding him to a climatic wall of laughter. Boy, what fun it was then. Tomorrow is a new day, my dreams shattered, shards closely touch my clitoris. Angry, payback, busybody, ice cream parlor, toothpaste, mint Evershine.”

Malcolm Little

In this study of Malcolm X, I found that this was a man deeply devoted to his faith, yet he seemed a bit untidy, I had the urge to take a shower soon after I photographed myself. I also had an inclination over his sexually, if only tempers did not flair. As a sign of respect, I had the present of mind to wear socks as I kneeled. Consequently, this post falls on his birthday, this of course was not planned, but its unthought timing is bizarre. Wonders never cease – The Lord seeth through eyes so green

In the feinin;  “Look at yourself, smile at the whole event. Licking every second, testing my will, my deep inner rage to do more than any nigger. Yes, nigger. Pee on his shirt, smear feces on his face, I remove my glasses to wipe the grime, dirt off my father’s fight for freedom in a land not free. True, times are different…

I fumble over my side, I stare at the mirror. How come me, at this time, at my moment of glory. Weep alone, share butterflies with other folks. Never side with the other man who’s heart is crueler that time. Handshake, hands up, sorrow, buckets of coins, farewell America” – 4/24/09