Beautification of People’s land – Trinidad and Tobago

PNM Art in the shape of Trinidad and Tobago at Santa Cruz, Trinidad, West Indies

A plaque inauguration by any of the two political parties in Trinidad and Tobago involves a show of ostentation and pageantry. When the former Prime Minister returned from an medical operation from London, there were welcoming well-wishers at the Airport as if it was a fete. And with the current Honourable Prime Minister, this public Art sculpture is one of his proudest achievements. The project called; C.E.P.E.P and by all means, with his supporters the unveiling may have had a similar fanfare. Politics and polarisation at a time when a Nation is in flux

Though, on the roadways of Trinidad and Tobago, off the skirt of saddle road or on the beach of Toco, behind the buttress of canals and in schools yards are piled and dumped garbage. Casually dropping bottles from car windows, or tossing Cubby containers like a Frisbee against a corner wall. For harder to dispose items such as fridges and stoves, culprits seek the attention of secluded hills, coves and rivers. This behaviour is entrenched in our society and littering seems mandatory at any location by anyone seems fit.

Keeping our streets clean in Trinidad and Tobago and liming

The honourable Prime Minister’s prize are those who pick up after these bad practitioners. Abbreviated (CEPEP) Community Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme, workers can be visible by their gray jumpsuits and backpacks, grass trimmers, cutlasses, cell phones, hairstyles and orange waterbucket. And by shift, they sweep, manually weed, trim lots and clean the roads to honour the former Prime Minister’s proclamation of the beautification of his land.

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