Cinematheque – Trinidad and Tobago

“Double With” movie  poster

At the Presidente Cinema, on the Eastern Main Road, Trinidad, West Indies, the management have decided to slot Big Momma’s House 2 with Syriana. These are known as “Doubles” which are odd movie combinations such as a Horror with a Family theme, kick Up with a Romance or Action with a Comedy aimed to get your full money’s worth.

But cinema in Trinidad and Tobago, patron conduct themselves in ways which can only be described by just experiencing it. From Balcony, House or Pit (levels of seating) some movie goer act as film critiques by wooing and jeering at the Starboy or Stargirl. In the Matrix’s climax, the crowd erupted into a deafening uproar as if everyone was a playing the part of Neo.

Free admission to all ladies accompanied with a male – Tuesdays on the post to the entrance. A rare site in cinema, Trinidad, West Indies

There are also script writers in the house who publicly announce line changes aloud to what an actor should say or do. “Nah” to actors whose skill may not meet their standards , “Oh gorm, Madonna, she fooling she self?.” There are film agents who carry on a normal conversation on their cell phones as if they were home, laughter or heckling at scenes showing violence, rape or nudity. But yet if a plot becomes too sentimental in the romantic area, a Director would exclaim; “Oh Gord, Oh Gord, fock she done nah man.”

A movie ad from a newspaper clipping, 1956

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