Pure Chutney

Gyrating moves too rapid to capture in paradise

For viewers not familiar with the popular Indian music of Chutney Soca, in Trinidad, a few Artists have turned to the medium of video to present their flair to the craft. Here are a few stills caught off television.

The star of this video is prancing to the lyric; “I am going to wine on you around the clock”. Set on one of the beaches of Trinidad, an assembly of relatives, friends and extras are present. The woman in the foreground seems to entertain a few of the sea bathers around her, but what stands out is the vigor of the singer’s gyrating moves. Set in motion by his words, he dispels the fact that as thin as he appears, his appetite for Chutney can work a 24 hours cycle.

A Caribbean wine to the bathers close by

Star in sweet T&T

There is a popular Chutney song about the pleasures of alcohol. “Rum till I die,” yet in this local video a man laments about clearing the grass so his neighbour can pass. I quite don’t get it, however a prominent Rum bottle is present in what appears to be filmed in a popular discothèque. This clue may indicate that an intoxicated man can blur the lines of meaning…This musical composition, I suspect really means fornication as he continues to chant about the neighbour; ” I day you’ve be mine,” gesturing by his fist, a “Bull” movement.

Viewing the rim of the Rum bottle and the trajectory of the disco lights which casted at times on the singer’s face

Leading the pack and as solid as a rock

Out of control in a Chutney Soca tent

The truth in dance

In the Caribbean, self esteem in large set women are much higher than say their counterpart in North America. The princess here is among her ladies in waiting. Her advice; if there is no blues in his wallet, then there be not blues for him.


The Queen and her Harem

The cameraman has chosen an open municipality to shoot the dance sequence.

A rich hopeful

Some thought was taken in the making of this Chutney Soca video. It is broken into three segments with some artistic vision for sets. But the links are too abstract to connect each scene. What makes matters worse is that the lyric paraphrases in double speak; A snake in my bed where it can’t find a rat so it goes for my cat and further, her reference to the amount of bush in her yard where the snake lay in wait. Words not too thought of as to the other details in the video.

Filmed in the cane fields in central Trinidad, she is wearing a pair of black leather pants
in a hot tropical climate….Hot

Cut to a classic Billlie Holiday singing about a snake harassing the village

But lets tell the truth….Galvanized backdrop which is a shanty house

Add Arabic touches to Chutney because it is in chic

1. Wining – a form of dance related to Trinidad and Tobago
2. Bull – Slang to the act of sex

3. Blues – denotes a Trinidad and Tobago one hundred dollar bill or Blues, an adult film
4. Cat – Slang to the female sex organ

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