Reichstag in Trinidad – site specific public art 5

Down sized version: “Wrapped House” on show for a few days

On the hill off a quiet residential area in Trinidad and Tobago, a wrapped house, 2006

This site specific peice is called, Fumigation, and it is made from sheets of nylon material which cascades from the roof, and completely wraps around this building. The burgundy and orange striped polypropylene canapé is secured by sand weights. What is interesting with this work is that it has the canny resemblance to the Wrapped Reichstag by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. But we all know this is just the covering to fumigate a termite infestation

A building treated for termites in Port of Spain, Trinidad, but could be a public art work, 2006 – Reichstag in Trinidad – site specific public art 5

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