The Midnight Robber Remembers

Respecting the past Robbers of Trinidad and Tobago. Here is a painting of Midnight Robber “Puggy” as part of the Midnight Robber Band, “Mystery Raiders” roaming on the streets of Port of Spain, Carnival Monday, 2006

The Midnight Robber with his broad-brimmed hat at Viey La Cou

The Midnight Robber is a beloved character in the traditional Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago. Both his costume and his speech are distinctive, and his “Robber Talk” is extravagant and egocentric. He brags about his great ancestry, exploits, strengths and invincibility. This “Robber Talk” is derived from the traditions of the African Griot or storyteller. He wears a black satin shirt, pantaloons, influenced by the American cowboy traditions, and a black, flowing cape which a skull and cross bones are painted. Also painted on the cape is the name by which the robber is known by.

A cape of doom, darkness and death – Viey La Cou

One of the characteristics of the Midnight Robber is a large black broad-brimmed fringed hat which a coffin is often superimposed. In his hand, the Robber carries a weapon which may be either a dagger, sword or gun and a wooden money box in the shape of a coffin. He also carries a whistle which he blows to punctuate his “Robber Talk” tales of fearlessness to the World and underworlds. (Elements of the text from the Heritage Library of Trinidad and Tobago) -thebookmann

The Flagman remembered in a painting on cloth “Mystery Raiders” (Artist unknown)

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