A Portrait For Your Charity

A portrait of a Barber by Sheldon Aberdeen, a young man canvassing with his pencil in hand and his readiest to sketch anyone at a moment’s notice, but for a fee on the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies.

Under the unfortunate circumstances that people find themselves on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago, one thing is clear, they all believe in self preservation and freedom to roam and live wherever they please. There are numerous street characters performing their canvassing tricks unto a wary public. Near the street lights of a major intersection, you’ll catch a man genuflecting with his hands clasped in pray as he approaches each car window, then he would walk off to quite normally checking his “loose” earnings from his occupation. Others look “Brawny ” as if they were in the gym working out for 24 hours, seven days a week and consuming a high protein calorie intake, yet confirming that diet has no correlation to exercise from the examples here of the homeless salvaging for food. On the streets of the Captial garbage bags are ripped open and its contents strewn along the streets. But for Sheldon Aberdeen his skill in quick portraits is his trick and a 1999 drawing of his work is on shown in a local Barber shop, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies.

The dispossessed See another view as Art on this blog

The homeless man lounges as if the streets were a mirage, and envisions himself in a hammock carelessly swaying between two Coconut trees on a tranquil white sandy paradise called Trinidad and Tobago. Note the semi comfortable tyre -chair and steel-rim head rest.

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