Drivers Nationwide – It’s Kite Season

Selling kites and risking his life at a major Traffic light intersection, Trinidad, West Indies

This is a daily routine for drivers caught in deadlock traffic in Trinidad and Tobago. Highway shopping at the risk of the seller. By carefully timing the traffic lights at this major intersection, these vendors precariously walk, skip and dart through the traffic in the hope that a driver may spontaneously have the urge to shop.

A member from the Bobo Shantis preparing to sell nuts, Eastern main road, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Canvassing in lane

Drivers solicited by sellers of Chinese made merchandise or fruit that are in season.
There is a list of odd items.
1. Plastic windmills
2. Steering wheel covers
3. Mobile phone covers
4. Plastics kites (currently in season)

5. Fruits in season
6. Fresh seasoning
7. Nuts and Cashews – the Bobo Shantis community
8. Pickled fruit – See other vendor spots
9. Cold drinks

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