Ganesha” Looking Just Iere

Hindu worship or puja, involves images (murtis) prayers (mantras) and diagrams of the universe (yantras)

In the hearts of those who have faith, small offering of sculptural or two dimensional imagery of Gods and Deities are positioned in their front galleries. But on the plains of South Trinidad, in the quaint Village of Iere, (see more sculptural Art) Princess Town, a temple is nestled as part of a home’s front and family showcases an elaborate shrine to their faith and Hindu ethnicity.

Ganesha as sculptural Art, Trinidad and Tobago

Ganesha is one of the distinctive Gods within Hinduism. The image has an elephant’s head with a human body usually colored as pink or yellow. The elephant’s head symbolizes the gaining of knowledge through listening (ears) and reflection (large head). The two tusks, one whole and the other broken, reflect the existence of perfection and imperfection in the physical world. There is a wealth of symbolism associated with his ‘pot belly’. It has been interpreted as reflecting an ability to digest whatever experiences life brings.

A wall painting of India’s root painted as part of a temple, Trinidad, West Indies

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