Jackie’s Port of Spain Murals

A mural mounted at the foyer of Queen’s Hall representing aspects of Trinidad and Tobago from Carnival to Politics This work is only up for one month after Carnival.

It was only after decades of experiencing, observing and working that I felt ready to attempt this work. The idea was conceived more than a decade ago and slowly took shape, at its own pace. During that period I produced numerous works, sketches, large drawings, watercolours and large paintings that were in a way a preparation for the final effort. The final impetus, I suspect, came from my increasingly intense reaction to my social environment to events and phenomena that seemed to profoundly affect the quality of our lives.

A work of this scale is inevitably complex and, as is my manner, my approach was largely intuitive. There are in it images from my childhood as well as from my current social, political and physical environment. The approach is sometimes historical, sometimes satirical. It moves form the literal to the allegoric and space is at times real and at other times distorted. Although the work has reached a certain level of completion I will no doubt continue working on it for years to come. – Jackie Hinkson

Site specific at the atrium of the former Queen’s Park Hotel, Port of Spain 2006. Depicting six different aspects of Trinidad, ” Where We Going From”

Mr. Hinkson’s colour palette is one that has been keenly shaped by several decades of painting the Caribbean. His has a particular sensibility to light. I believe that no other West Indian painter has painted so much of the region…

Although the atrium of British Petroleum is light,high and airy, the glare from the skylight makes Mr.Hinkson’s work difficult to enjoy in its totality at certain times of day. However it is remarkable to see so much of his work filling such a large space with such ease. Ours is not a positive tradition of keeping and maintaining murals by artists. One has just to think about Carlisle Change’s work alone. Although this is not a public mural, but privately owned, this work is best seen from the elevators as only then can one actually really appreciate the many levels to the panels of the paintings. To do so the general public would have to go during the week and ask for access,as the elevators are not accessible on the weekend.Adele Todd

“Pan and the Hill” The working canvas of Jackie Hinkson’s mural at thefilmeclub studio, one of the many panels depicting culture and industry in Trinidad and Tobago

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