My Soothing Muscle Rub

A wall painting supporting the under 17 Football from 2001, Eastern Main Road, Trinidad

This billboard is looking at using a pain reliever for sport injury is one of those curious mural-like paintings that you see as you drive along the subsidiary roads in Trinidad. These works are usually very quaint because it is always clear that the painter is drawing from memory most of the time In the instance of this piece, the painter may be using his own body as the reference. The weather worn colour palette and the physique of the players look as though the piece could be in Africa or South America. There is a very ‘old world’ Kitsch feeling that makes you think of the King of football, the legendary Pelé . It may be the haircuts as well as the less lean bodies. The product may be of today, but the image is definitely of yesterday. – Adele

Two stocky and synchronized South American football players are heavily medicated with “Muscle Rub” to soothe the pain of one brushing against the other. Note the limp wrist of the forward player, and the enigmatic smile of the other as they tackle each other.

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