“P Here” – Site specific 5

Look, a corner wall

A popular “Pein” location, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago barred off for a community workshop

Once again an art Installation props up on the streets of Port of Spain as a specific work called “No Pein.” This piece is actually an interactive work that involves men who have the urge to participate willing and suspiciously out of public view. “No Pein” translates to “No-Urinating,” and in Trinidad and Tobago, men and occasionally women follow their natural instincts in search for any crevice, drain, small shrub, chain link fence or ally to “pass water” as it will be passed no matter what.

This spot is in preparation for “The Community Project,” cornered off by two yellow oil drums. The walls is clearly marked “No Pein” to detour peeers from fouling up the space.

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