Riding My Back

Aiming to ride your back: A dull Soca Warrior Football Billboard lacking any creative thinking (see other Billboards)

This Billboard in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago speaks of the lazy habits that represents general attitudes in media practices. This Ad really has nothing to do with football but is strategically placed to represent support were support was never given, and with contemporary trends that are popular here, riding the backs of others proves to expose the bankruptcy in creativity and the lack of respect than it due.

Do you see the difference? In tribute to the Soca Warriors,

For those who may not understand the sudden obsession with Football, the small Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago has qualified for the 2006 World Cup. Above is the true heart of Joan Harding as she tackles a football in the open field at Victoria Square, Port of Spain during the Carnival period 2006. This is a traditional Carnival character called the Dame Lorraine.

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