Together We Aspire – Together We Achieve

Nothing But The Best – Typology at its worst at Mucurapo Boys RC school, Port of Spain ( Note spacing and compression to fit the words in the space of the emblem )

Wall and Sign Painter Rubin Mc Knight’s reference to the Wall Painting

Have you ever noticed the Mottos painted in full view of the public on most Government school façades across these Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. They read something like this, “ Will Find And Make A Way,” or “ Aim High,” placing too much emphases on the word “High” by its clumsy typology or heavy set word spacing. But these catch phrases are to encourage rivalry among schools and to give status, yet hardly any attention is given to the way it is painted on the wall in the first placed and thus, “Seeking The Excellence” in typology on school walls for which the Motto represents. See School Murals

The weather is right to paint this Coat of Arms designed for Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence 1962 is being painted very quickly and copied from a stamp of the emblem on a paint soiled cloth

Wall painter Rubin Mc Knight renders the Coat of Arms of the Republic on a wall of a Government school, Port of Spain Depending on the weather he says, the painting can completely dry in a couple of hours.

“The Coat of Arms of Trinidad and Tobago was designed in 1962. The Birds are the Scarlet Ibis, Cocrico and Hummingbird. The three ships represent the Trinity and the three ships of Christopher Columbus. The three Peaks commemorates Columbus’ decision to name Trinidad, Trinity by the Peaks of the Southern mountain range called the ‘Three Sisters”. The fruited Coconut Palm are the seals of British Colonial Tobago and the Motto, “Together we aspire, Together we achieve” speaks of the Nation’s harmony and diversity to achieve..

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