Vulcan Mufflers-Formula-one Mersedes-Benz

On deck of the starship Vulcan Mufflers

Look at these oval windows against the square architectural masterpiece mounted above the streets of Eastern main road, Trinidad, West Indies. With Captain Kirk at his desk and mechanic Spock at his side, what this business really deals with are muffers.

The Formula-one Mersedes-Benz on blazing and on fire

According to the owners of the establishment, the Formula-one Mersedes-Benz and Camaro drawn on the wall were illustrated by a piper (a slang for a drug addict) in 1989. While both vehicles are recognisable, the question is are they convincible enough to be driven?

A Camaro’s odd perspective and its tyres screeching off the wall

Three-dimensional objects drawn on two-dimensional surfaces can be tricky, but for cars, the accuracy and perspective of the drawing should be true visually. Check out the tyres on the illustration above. The Camaro has a wobble, a misaligned hub, inconsistent rims or a broken axle that makes the car permanently stationary.

An epidemic on tyre defects on this Bentley

Update: After all that work, they have covered both cars with this block outlined typography.

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