A Criteria for Caribbean Artists and Photographers

The National Library’s exhibition foyer. Shows are generally displayed on plinths or tables.

Coordinated by Patricia Mohammed and Rex Dixon, the Caribbean in the age of modernity is a photographic exhibition organized by the Conference of Caribbean Studies Association. Thirteen Caribbean artists participated in this show at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago as they dabble into the world of photography, questioning the very standards of Caribbean photography itself.

Although amateurishly displayed, this exhibition included professional and non-professional alike. Abigail Hadeed for an example stuck with her journalistic view of the Caribbean diaspora. From Jamaica, Annie Paul documented a Dancehall event and Patricia Mohammed took snap shots of wall paintings in Haiti, but her reproductions were poor in terms of its caliber. Errol Brewster from Guyana produced a grainy collage from 35 mm negative and was one of the more successful prints. So the question is, are these the standards set by artists and academics from the Caribbean?

Steve Ouditt’s orthodox stills of Hindu sites in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean in the age of modernity, runs till June 8th.

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