For The Gullible – Lucky Seven

Not as innocent as you think

At Grand Bazaars or Festivals across these islands, small portable tables with numbers, wheels and markings are setup to lure the greed in us. The proprietor of this gambling board game quickly had his table up and running during one of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival venues. Called, “Lucky 7,” the principle of the game is to double your earning by three folds. And the operator says you can be as lucky as he by simply demonstrating his crafty skill and “skull.” A twitch of his wrist (and years of practice with weighted dices) produces the results where both the tin and dice work their magic and the outcome is always 7. But for the gullible and nave risk takers, the novelty of this game is to try.

On the spot 4+3

“Mark meh seven” – State owned gambling. Wall Painting PlayWhe
The Trinidad Aesthetic: “Skull” to deceive

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