Let Me Down Gently (Flagman)

The Flag of Trinidad and Tobago – Red with a white-edged black diagonal band from the upper hoist side to the lower fly side. Flagman gyrating high on a wall and revealing more than what we want to see.

Since the Soca Warriors football team qualified for the World Cup last November, Nationals of these two islands have demonstrated their enthusiasm and pride by erecting the national flag of Trinidad and Tobago in all forms. You can see them fluttering from car hoods or draped around the Savannah from crafts stalls. This masquerader is showing off his weeks of exercising and weight training by twirling our Flag as if he was a flagman from a steelband orchestra. The coloured “Red” to symbolize the warmth of the sun and of the population, “Black” for fortitude and wealth and “White” as a symbol of purity, hope, and the waves is simply disrespectful no matter of its current popularity .

Flagman jumps down from the wall to get a last lap wine from a passer-by. The woman foreground is the friend of the woman with the Flagman.

Flagman grooving to a Soca Chutney tune, Madam is the white shorts is working his basket.

Friend (standing facing forward) is not amused and walks up to the couple and says quite dismissively;“Tracy don’t break the focking stupid man little wood….come on!” Then she proceeds to grab her hand and both girls walks off leaving Mr. Flagman somewhat crestfallen. Note that she was capable of squeezing in the words, “stupid and little.”

Fixing his shorts after the gentle let down after the anticipated charm of showcasing his basket proved not sufficiently enough, Carnival Tuesday, 2006

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