Looking at the Spirits – Hieroglyphics and Minshall

Carnival and Theatre Artist Peter Minshall dressed all in black including his top hat at the Clico Exhibition, Port of Spain 2006, opening a part of himself from an otherwise reclusive individual.

The walkway gallery apt for small drawings rather that larger works in which the space feels claustrophobia.

A series of schematic drawings on paper, post-it notes, and other ideas drawn on company’s note pads like Script J and the Millennium Hotel, New York under a protective acrylic panel and sheets simply pinned up with metal clips.

“Looking at the Spirits,” first co-curatored by Luis Camnitzer and Todd Gulick at “The Drawing Center”, New York, 2005 finds itself in the walkway of Clico’s Art Gallery, Port of Spain, 2006. Ms. Sonja Dumas, the curator of the Gallery has also included sketches from Mr. Minshall’s 2006 carnival production, “The Sacred Heart.”

One of over a hundred drawings on display including this schematic arm drawing from the costume “Mancrab” Peter Minshall’s 1983 Carnival Band, “River”

For fans of this Carnival icon – Peter Minshall, what you are really experiencing is a invitation of the inner workings of a man’ mind, his Art and vision. This is a retrospective of Carnival drawings and concepts including a series of intimate letters to his mother in tribute to Josephine Baker.(1971) Here is a glimpse to how creative people think and where everything has a beginning not matter how crude or unrecognizable it may be…… then, blossoming to the most memorable Carnival costumes and performances to cross the Grand Stand stage, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

“Its difficult to draw because of its pure effect but something
along those lines, one marvels……” excerpts from Minshall’
diary regarding a series of Josephine Baker costume drawings to his mother

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