Playing Mas At All Cost

“The Circus Masquerader”

This masquerader is participating in Trinidad Carnival at no cost to him. What motives this young man may be his pure creativity or determination…“I playing.” On closer examination of his costume which thebookmann calls,“The Circus Masquerader,” much attention is taken for his colour uniformity, co-ordination and detail. A large collar is embroidered with a moon shaped breast piece, the upper collar ring is a psychedelic mat set with plastic ruby stones and adorned with red crocodile patterned epaulets with sequined trimming to add flare and a final touch to the focal point of the elaborate flap. From there, a matching stripped jersey is camouflaged to complement his undertones of blues, reds and gold and it extends to three quarter of his height.

Note the customized staff

The Circus Masquerader has golden armoured arm bands and incorporates red pleated paper as ruffles to cap each wrist. From the waist down, he has attached a reflective guard at the knee which is bunched together with a cord strapped over blue parachute trousers with side bands of white, black and red, matching the upper part of the costume. Beads extend from below the knee, and a red coloured bandana is rapped over the leg to correspond with his colour theme. From this ankle, pink cords secures peaks of folded cloth with touches of gold tinsels. And what would take to completely masquerade oneself? A red mask and matching hat all captured by thebookmann, Carnival Tuesday, Enjoy your mas to your heart’s delight

Making the best with what one has, a football team as part of a Fancy Sailor Costume.

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