Too Sweet: R&B We Cater For All Occasions

A delivery truck converted into a customized fast food mobile restaurant called, “Hungry Man” See other work by this Artist

On the façade of this van, a character-like (Rambo) is armed with an arsenal of kitchen utensils in preparation to do battle with his daily customers, “Munch & Move ” Note the aluminium pot as his helmet and the swizzle stick as a short missile range launcher. What is uncertain here is the drain pipe which is spewing oil over mounts of hamburgers buns. – Not too appetizing.

Fighting food hunger

Eating out in Trinidad and Tobago can be a tricky experience and we Trinidadians are quite fickle when it comes to food particularly served from the street. – “Here today, gone tomorrow.” But, forget the food badge, what establishes a vendor from the rest of his competitors is how good his food taste and how long he can keep up the quality without skimping later on, once his is popular. (it happens too often) Generally food vendors who operated from these trailers try to capture the nub of an image on the front panel of their console to entice customers at bay. This may be a painting of a bland hamburger or un-topped hotdog with brief food listings, itemised by a fancy hand script or an elaborate artwork reflecting the culture of the owner with a portrayal of scenic motifs of Trinidad and Tobago.

Athletics – Cricket – Carnival – Fishermen – Flora of “Too Sweet: R&B We Cater For All Occasions” See a wall painting of the Coat of Arms.

Annette sticking with the traditional beach scene, with a massive rolling wave apt for any surfer close by.

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