A large beach ball for Maracas on a veranda facing the prime Queen’s Park Savannah and an eyesore for the general public. During the Carnival period 2006, there was a large inflated beer bottle hosted here and the adjacent house also placed a large temporary billboard on their veranda alongside their veranda chairs. See the Billboard

Driving along and around the Queen’s Park Savannah there are many historic landmarks to see. There is Memorial Park in honour of those men and women who sacrificed their lives in both World Wars. There is the popular Magnificent Seven, a series of buildings built one hundred years ago and immortalized through paintings and photography. This includes the Prime Minister’s Office with its white wash and Venetian style, and the President’s House with its well manicured gardens. There is also the BP building with its façade kept as close to the former Queen’s Park Hotel and the Boissiere or Gingerbread house with its pagoda roof.

President’s House next to the Botanical Gardens (Cazabon lithograph 1851)

But as you round the bend at Cipirani boulevard, just before the Gingerbread house, there is a new addition to the Savannah’s architectural quaintness. Protruding from an open porch is a large inflatable three-dimension ball. This advertisement is targeted at the sport of West Indian Cricket, and the owners of the property have more or less prostituted themselves by leasing their vacant veranda to host what can be described as an infraction of the conservation act for which Trinidad and Tobago has none, and have mistaken their home to be on the skirt of an open highway in which the Savannah isn’t. Site Specific 7, otherwise characterized as an aversion to the Queen’s Park Savannah’s aura, is a large plastic inflatable red cricket cork ball with two iron-on decals detailing the ball’s unique stitch and the sponsor of the promotion worth being caught in “No Man’s Land.”

In the ream of modern Art, the Swede Claes Oldenburg is hailed as an inventor of Pop Art with his giant soft sculptures, including a 15-foot-long ice-cream cone bed-size hamburger, and re-created manufactured objects, such as a light switch or the (1976) 45-foot-tall Clothespin was placed in central Philadelphia, USA.

Keep your head down and pass by quicky – Girl ! See another inflated ball relating to the World Cup

A Cricket ball is made from a core of cork which is layered with tightly wound string. It is covered by a leather case with a raised sewn seam. The covering is constructed of four pieces of leather. The “equator” is stitched with string to form the seam with a total of six rows of stitches.


his is an example of the unregulated billboards found throughout Trinidad and Tobago and companies like the ones stamped on this “beach ball” are here to exploit the Queen’s Park Savannah for its prime advertising space and with the owners who opt to make a quick dollar by leasing their property fronts. Both parties are guilty of a myopic view for the conservation of the city of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

For the West Indian fans of Cricket:-The blowing of the shell,

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