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The law of Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago and a painted (peel-on) icon a hijab wearing girl playing “basketball,” The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

No religion has the magic bullet for law and order. However all religions try to exert some sense of it in some sort of public signage. This billboard is tucked away between the two boroughs of St. Joseph and Curepe, and comes before or after arguably the most beautiful mosque in Trinidad and Tobago. The sign attempts to remind Muslims and passers by to avoid certain vices in preference to certain virtues. But what is striking about the one particular icon is the hijab wearing girl playing “basketball,” oblivious to the fact that the game is predominately played by males. The sign painter has been asked to show a lot of things in this poster, and the devoted person has packed everything into it. On the side there is an extension that speaks directly to love of country. This signage is one of those head scratcher. On the one hand it attempts to do so much, but who really sees it? – Adele

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