Kings of Kings – Trinidad and Tobago

David Beckham relieved grin after England’s first goal

So we didn’t win against Paraguay. It hurts like hell and we wish that Russell Latapy had been put in sooner. Never have I heard commentators bending over backwards to say nice things about Trinidad and Tobago. I know that we feel inconsolable, so now we need to look at the reality of football. Anyone can win Football at this level is about the highest possible standard of the games, and we have to admit that we saw more fight than we had seen for some time with our ‘Soca Warriors.” The World Cup is called such because it is hard, not because it is easy. The sort of hunger and fight that it takes to reach to professional levelis very real and Trinidad and Tobago has nothing to be ashamed of because there is no compromise at this stage.

John and Yorke’s last walk off the field of the 2006 World Cup in Germany

“We worked really hard. We needed a bit of luck, which we didn’t get at the end. But we’ve shown that we deserve to be here and I hope we’ve surprised a few people. It was a massive compliment to us when Wayne Rooney came on, as it showed that things weren’t going England’s way. We kept them at bay for 83 minutes and we are proud of that. It’s a historical match for T&T and it was a great day for us”…..Stern John remarks of England against his team.
The last Caribbean team to make it into the second round of the cup was in 1936 and it was Cuba!Think about it? Also more and more players are playing for European teams, everyone is playing at a very highpoint. Our players got very good experience.I am saddened however by the fact that I now wonder who will be the next group of warriors when this team retires soon? That fact should help all of those who are still smarting from the loss, and should help people to understand the kind of talent we sent to Germany. Let us hope that some of the younger players on the team are given even greater encouragement to take us to South Africa in 2010. – Adele

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