“None but ourselves can free our mind”

A billboard advertising welding in all specialized areas, Trinidad and Tobago

Burglar proofing is a booming business in Trinidad and Tobago and in every home or business place it has become an integrated part of the architectural landscape. For homeowners this is a venture into the Trinidad aesthetic, and welders are commissioned to fabricate elaborate shapes from wrought iron.

How best to live in jail. A pendant expressed by Jasmine Thomas-Girvan – “None but ourselves can free our mind” …Bob Marley

Artisans beveled, curved and forged steel rods together to represent coils of branches, leaves, buds and filigree. The more ornate the better. This can provoke a neighborly competition and very soon a wrought iron pattern can become a fashion statement encouraging the entire street to following in suit.

A welder working on a door with semi-circle patterns

A popular filigree burglar proofing over a window, Central Trinidad, West Indies

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