Pretty Pretty Frieda

Pull back pull back cut to a wide angle Cameraman!

See a 10 second clip of a traditional East Indian dance performed by “ Pretty pretty Frieda,” showcasing the richest of Trinidad and Tobago. 1.45 mb – 2 to 3 mintues to download .mpg format

Live dead time on Gayele Television, Trinidad and Tobago

This is the local set of a television station called “Gayele” and the two video stills are general observations picked up from their televised live talk show. What is amateurish about this broadcast is a basic lack of preparation, and like the guest, “Pretty Pretty Frieda” the director failed to ask her how much space and time she required to perform her act comfortably.

By her stage name: “Pretty Pretty Frieda.” Was she invited to dance?

A floor director incapacitated of gauging the dancer’s movements as she began to move closer to the camera and then she spiralled out to the right of the camera’s frame. And as she continued her dance routine, the music abruptly stopped to her surprise and suddenly end to the dance performance.

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