Vantage Solo

“Solo” beverage or ” Sweet drink” still available in small rural shops in Trinidad

This “Solo” soft drink is vintage and a classic in Trinidad and Tobago. Years ago, bottlers distinguished their soft drink brands by using appealing and playful iconography. “Cannings” for an example, stamped a constellation of white stars, others had coloured bands or the glass bottle itself had a twist in its shape, nevertheless “Solo” had the vision to use an image to uplift and inspire.

Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight to Paris as a logo

What is extraordinary about this bottle is the attention placed on the design and “Solo” utilises the popular pioneer such as the navigator Charles Lindbergh with his aeroplane or an astronaut (Neil Armstrong) drinking a refreshing glass. This is to provoke a cord of innovation in the minds of children, the essential consumers of the “sweet drink.” The scripted word “Solo” uses a typology stencilled by white outlines and it is clearly visible through the glass of a particular kola colour. Above is a detail of a deposit bottle, this is a larger version to a shorter bottle capped with convex spaceship port holes as part of the upper neck and base of the bottle. Thirty years ago bottled beverages cost about 11cent and has be replaced today with cheap disposable plastic containers..

The once classic “Big Red” Cannings beverage

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