“Something Special Swan Club”

A house built for the Caribbean may have certain attributes for it to adapt to the tropical climate unless the dwelling….

On a narrow street off Barataria, Trinidad, West Indies, a Ship Captain and Home Owner has permanently berthed his ship/house to land. “Something Special Swan Club,” are the words forged from wrought iron, and they also embellish the gate of an usual house built as a sea vessel. At the time this structure was built is caused a stir. But what separated the owner from the rest of the residents was his vision, and his passion to be closer to the sea, all materializing as his home further inland.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago, any Moulding that looks good is generally copied, and like weeds, the style begins to pop up around the neighborhood. This may be the Ornate filigree of wrought iron, or varnished stones as a wall facade. “Something Special Swan Club” is off the beaten track because some thought was taken in its conception, together with the engineering feat to construct it as a yacht.

The upper deck has a large windshield and a radar as if it is a clipper at sea, and the lower compartments have a series of cabin port holes. There are other amenities such as a lookout deck. A second dwelling is attached to the house and it looks like a Tug. Not only is it difficult to find craftsmen, but to duplicate the architectural style of “Something Special Swan Club” would be costly, a factor quite taken back by his neighbours who are quite satisfied with their simple square concrete dwelling.

This is a Trinidad Aesthetic, we are bamboozled by the newness of things, but hopeless in their upkeep. “Something Special Swan Club” looks neglected and dilapidated, but this may be the result of its unusual design that makes the house unmanageable to maintain. – thebookmann

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