Golden Glow Rum retro series

Call of the islands

Sultry … enchanting…exciting when served in Caribbean rum punches…in cocktails …or on the rocks under a sultry starlit Caribbean sky. You can enjoy this historic Caribbean rum in many ways, Golden Glow Rum is a rum that has been aged with Caribbean history and experience over 40 years experience! That’s why the call is for Golden Glow Rum.

The young Caribbean mixed sultry rum punch drinker seems enlightened at the Golden glow of one of the many blends of Rum from the Caroni distillery, Trinidad West Indies.

A 35 year old press Ad. – thebookmann

Days Studio Ad series

If you are glamorous don’t be hesitant. Call on us for that special portrait for the special person, Studio Days we offer portraits of distinction – passport – commerical. Whatever you need we are at your disposal.

The women used for this Ad was clearly cut out with an X-acto knife. The graphic artist was short on his or her deadline, and added a bit more material. Miss in her two piece bikini swimming trunks, is caught in some sort of athletic-action pose. There is clearly movement, and the photographer courtesy of Days Studio has captured her “one foot standing tilt to the right pose”. We may conclude that she fell soon after to the well padded grass illustrated in the paste up image. Days Studio wants to let you know that you can be in a portrait of distinction, just come along with your beach ball and meet us at Maracas bay. – thebookmann

What the advertisement is clearly trying to do is to appeal to the very active and expectantly fun loving,adventure type who would want pictures of action of their lives. Does the advertisement succeed? Who knows,but I am sure that many of us can throw our minds back to pictures in family photo albums on black paper of relatives in bathing suits made up of a lot of material with belts and images of men in suits and straw hats. Photography taking, or as Trini’s liked to say, the photo take outer, was a big deal, a major experience in a family. It was an outing. Now with digital photography gone are those days, instead you have like much modern versions,the(R)rated and(X)rated image being of interest to many, and you can actually see these shots being developed amidst wholesome images of Christenings, Weddings and Wakes.- Adele

Retro Ad Series

Brotherman, here is a Ad from the 1972 edition of Tourism and Commerce directory published in Trinidad ans Tobago. This is brunetta Ltd, the creators of Caribana Originals. They are also manufacturers of ladies dresses in African design, gents caritoga shirts and many more of the brunetta label. The classy lady on your right is showing off her brunetta dress and exposing her large cow hoof shoe.- thebookmann

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