A evening at Cocorite – Dragon’s Fire Eaters

A group of boys competing as fire throwers

Cocorite is located on the outskirts of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and district is nestled on a slopping hill accessible by a narrow winding road. The residents have a panoramic view of the Gulf of Paria, and also a eye sore of a condominium where richer Trinidadians live. The Miami copy high-rise is just off the Western main road.

The bookman was here with the German photographer Stefan Falke in the court yard of Dragon Glen de Souza. Mr. de Souza is the founder of the school,  The Dragon Keylemanjahro School of Arts which is devoted in teaching the art of stilt walking to children in his community. But while he was preoccupied with making their costumes for the children’s carnival parade event, a group of boys were up in playing with fire, and showing off how large they could each expel and ignite kerosene in the air. Mr. de Souza caught a whiff of the pitch oil and put an immediate stop to their antics.

One of rules is discipline and without a break in his breath, he scolded the boys because he believed that they should have known better. Yet, after a brief moment of guilt, they all returned as excitable children and were quite thrilled to see shots of themselves on the camera… We want this for our scrapbook.* * *

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