All I want for Christmas is a piece of pork

“All I want for Christmas is a piece of pork”….from a Christmas melody from Trinidad and Tobago

On the outskirts of the larger towns in Trinidad and Tobago, small villages nestle along side the country roads. This is what we West Indians call going to, or from the “Country” means. Like many residents from this region, people make their living by selling their home grown produce from wooden sheds plotted along the roadside. This is in anticipation that a customer would stop just for curiosity sake on the way to the scenic beaches of Toco, Manzanilla and Mayaro. But at the junction to Valencia, it is a special occasion because its Christmas, and to Mary, one of the proprietors of these roadside vendors, she has stocked up well with a variety of homemade peppersauce and a local seasoning called Rooco. This is used to brown and flavour any type of meat. And at this festive season, fresh pork is the speciality of the day, and what more to tantalize lovers of the the meat by hanging fresh meat slaughtered just a few hours before. – thebookmann

A traditional method of cooking and preparing Ham: The meat would be boiled in a pitch-oil tin outside the home. There is also the method of burying pork in sand. The meat is wrapped with fig leaves, and covered with hot stones in a deep pit. It takes many hours to be completely cooked.

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