Casino Royale – A Bond from scratch

Bartender ” Martini shaken or stirred sir?” Bond, “I don’t give a damn.”

The first James Bond film I ever saw was in London in the 1980’s with Roger Moore., Her Majesty’s Secret Service. At the beginning of the film he parachutes from a plane and the union jack comes up and the whole cinema claps. It was a wonderful cinema moment. Of all of the Bond movies, he is mentioned least as a favourite Bond, and now, after seeing Casino Royale, Daniel Craig has put a definitive mark on the franchise. He is complex, starting with his looks. Is he handsome? Is he not? He has an unmistakable face. There was so much negative press for the choice of this actor, but it was quite unfounded, as any of us who have seen him in Munich, Infamous and Layer Cake can attest. He is arguably a better,stronger actor than any past Bond, including, sacrilege, Sean Connery!But what makes this Bond so great is that Casino Royale created the formula and this one breaks it wide open and has made it really about the twenty-first century. It is such a smart film.

The last Pierce Brosnan Bond had M practically bitch slapping him and a very embarrassing scene with John Cleese as Q. It had hopelessly derailed before our eyes and even Pierce Brosnan who was thought of as the penultimate Bond, seemed to be just trying to pull it all together.

From the first scene after the credits where you find yourself marveling at the violent ballet at dizzying heights, this Bond can teach all franchise movies a thing or two about reinvention. The writers really took a look at all that does make the character interesting and took risks in making this Bond so gritty and thuggish, yes, I said it, he is thuggish, he’s bad boy all the way as one of his love interests says to him. But unlike the Bond’s of the past, you don’t get the impression that there is some repressed sexuality underlying his characters need for women. This Bond has had a certain past that explains without explaining why he has his taste, and it is not handled in the typical belt notching way. So he may go through the movie with in Saville Row suits, but has psychological issues because he is a killer and he does it for Queen and country. Adele

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