Glory Glory Glorious Scents


Motto: When you move…We move

Where in the world would you see an oxymoron sign such as this one painted on a public wall?

At the Chinese Association in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago business must be bad for the Association, but good for the company called Glory Glory Glorious Scents which has leased their wall space to place a glorious ad catering to the local layman on the street through its topography and realistic illustrations. A note to readers that the sign is intended to read as O Glory Glory Glorious Scents by the circular white disk behind the blue transport truck.

The combination of these elements are puzzling and what is more revealing is the vast range of services Glory Glory Glorious Scents provides. Are you looking to move? What about Landscaping, Water features etc, Backfill, House/Office relocation, Garbage removal and most importantly a variety of toiletries for your man or woman. The angular shape that separates both ads resembles an Old Spice bottle, the three small bottles could pass for the ship’s masts.

So housewives and other available suitors look out for your sweet moving man dressed in a filthy blue overall but impregnated with a bouquet of essentials oils like Armani from Glorious Scents which is actually available on the list.

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