Igniting A Damp Wick

You can’t fraid powder and play mas

Occasionally, Caribbean Contemporary Arts, hosts an open house, and the public is welcome to see what local or international artists are working on. This time it is the launch of the much publicizedGalvanize.- A project of public art exhibitions by local contemporary artists plotted throughout the capital, Port of Spain. But in the foyer of CCA7, sketches of the artists’ proposed works were haphazardly pinned up, and from the standpoint surrounding the buzz over the project, the curatorial decisions to allow it to be so untidy was questionable. Where were their standards?

When work from artist are continually presented in a slapdash way, particularly from the artists themselves, you wonders if everything is not just a pose? Certainly, Galvanize does not want to be seen that way? Regrettable, if a bit more insight went into the presentation such as introducing a brief description of what Galvanize meant to each artist through the projection of images or sounds, it would have given the project legitimacy.

An auspicious event at CCA7, with a large turnout for the happening and to support the artists who made it happen. So until the end of October, go in search of art, on the streets, clubs and at CCA7 as artists challenge the perception of “What is Caribbean Art?,” at a time where Carifesta hosts their version to the public at large.

Above: The foyer of CCA7 filled with sketchbook pages, Polaroids and photocopies as samples of the art to come. Centre image: An unknown video shown. Bottom image: The incentive of the Art project, Mario Lewis with support from the Art and Media community of Trinidad and Tobago.

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