Pedro Almodovar in Port of Spain

George Street, Port of Spain is the hub of interesting things, and where street market vendors sell their produce. Shop owners are also part of the shopping bustle, and as thebookmann discovers, it is always a joy when a hidden gem pop up in the most unusual place. This is not a Pedro Almodovar film set, but a fish market, and the man gutting the fish behind the counter had not a clue what the name of the place was, yet an interior decorator somehow did. There are paintings of pirogues and fishermen and as part of the décor, fishing nets, fan coral and plastic flowers adorn the walls and archway where two tapestry pieces hang. There is also a drawing of a Peace sign, and the hand is filled in with glitter. All this is in the hope to make the customers aware of a religious icon that reflected a fisherman and his beliefs. -thebookmann (next door)

Fishy sign George Street feels like Trinidad, circa 1880. Old buildings groan above the riotous colour, sweat and weight of street vendors plying their trade, with dub music and cussin’ and gambling and women swaying their hips with loads of groceries, new born babies, hair piled like fresh pineapple and powder visibly on their chests. A sign catches our eye amidst all of this goings on. It is actually a very neatly done painting. A chunky mermaid suns herself, helping to sell the freshest fish. Above her head is the scrawled text, Do not covet thy neighbours goods.. in a knowing way. Our mermade’s skintone is a healthy light brown. A ‘light skin’mermade, with ‘good ‘ hair, telling a moral story with her womanly wiles. – Adele

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