Piss Art

Wait here, let me find a spot….

This loop with a purple and yellow fringe rests on a cemetery wall in Port of Spain. This is not Cirque du Soleil, but a discarded part of a Carnival costume.

To those not too familiar with Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago this image is an example of male territorial markings. The wet spot is not oil but layering of urine left by men. But rather than detouring other males for using the spot, it actually brings more, and like dogs, they would fuck and pee anywhere given the immediacy of it.

This habit of peeing is caused by excessive drinking and the lack of public toilets during Carnival. But this year, the Rain Gods granted the wish that Port of Spain and other parts of Trinidad and Tobago would not experience the full force of dry urine on a very hot Carnival day. The light showers helped wash a percentage the pungent stench away.

At any crevice, chain fence, wall or telephone pole, what ever it takes to relieve themselves in full view of the public hoping that jammed against the spot may not look too obvious. Before, residents would offer their washrooms to those in need, but times have changed and people are less open in bring anyone from the streets into their homes.


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