Remember thy fallen heroes

Whatever a Nation sacrifices for itself – A greater Nation will emerge..

The 1939-1945 Star awarded to nationals who served during British Empire and defended His Majesty, King George VI

What would we truly fight for? And who shall we fight with? The War Monument stands erect in the parameters of the well manicured grounds off the Queen Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad. During the day, school children practice their marches in unison, up and down the park, and at carnival, masqueraders rest on the lawns just before entering the ramp to the Grand Stand to exert their festive Carnival wine across the stage.
With all the hullabaloo the park entertains, one wonders how many people take the time to walk up to the obelisk and read the names that are inscribed, or admire the detail of the soldiers painted with a black patina. And on days that are wet, young men can be seen enjoying a game of football with the grunge of sweat rolling off their backs as they battle each other, and a field water soaked that makes the game more thrilling, yet less unmindful to the young men who endured bleaker conditions in the trenches across Europe, and give their lives to Trinidad and Tobago in the hope that we would be free.
Top: One of thebookmann’s most treasured possession is a War medal which once belong to his father, and who with many nationals served the British Empire during the Second World War. Centre: Memorial Park, a monument honouring both World Wars with the “Winged Victory” extending a wreath at the crown of the Monument to bear her dead. Bottom: A portrait of a soldier from the First World War courteous of the Ferrier family, Port of Spain. – thebookmann

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