Spend Your Money Wisely – VIP Paying Patrons

Knowing how to work the crowd…..

What got me thinking was standing knee deep in people on Saturday night waiting for Machel. Yes, I did crawl out of my hole long enough to go and take the jamming at AC5. I had hoped that the organisers had learnt some lessons from years gone by, they may have but they’ve still got some ways to go.

I could whinge at the less than great treatment meted out to the folks who shelled out the 500 bucks to go to the VIP section. Stop, hear me out, not everyone who goes to VIP is going to “coast”, make style or whatever it is people go to all-inclusive fetes for. There are some of us who can’t deal with being trampled in the middle of crowds, or want to feel safe in an all girls lime, we go to the VIP section largely because we want to SEE what is going on. As much as we are loathe to admit it, some of us can no longer stand and jump all night.

So there we were in VIP, we had the worse view of the stage, there were long lines for food. That said, we were waiting for Machel. We were not looking for a concert in the park, a trip down back in times lane or to “big up” the other folks. Let’s understand this clearly. When people pay money to hear an artist perform, they’re coming for that person. You expect that there will be a warm up band, but not six. You expect that the show will run with few interruptions and that you will get home at a decent hour.

Well, you could hope anyway. By the time Machel made it to the stage at 2:30 am people were leaving. I stayed put because I had not driven and because I was curious. I like the music, I think he’s a great performer, Machel Montano is a world standard, A Lister, now if only he’d get his head around that.

He came, he gyrated, he sang, he wined, he put on a show, we lapped it up…in quiet desperation I might add. Twenty five years after being too young to soca, Machel did in fact show that he was now a Soca Master. A showman in every sense of the word. Those of us who were not too tired to appreciate this fact may well have been too drunk. Sad but true. You had to give it to the man though, he can surely make you move.

For me it was extremely poignant and personal for reasons I don’t care to discuss. But I realised while standing there in the midst of 30,000 gyrating, jumping people that maybe I was now too old to Soca. Not in body, but certainly in mind. I was no longer remotely interested in maniacally following instructions all night, or being out until the crack of dawn just because I could. I just wanted to enjoy the show, dance and leave when I was tired. So yes, I enjoyed Machel. Will I go next year? Only if I’m driving myself and can

From her personal point of view, Natasha reports on a Carnival event.

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