The Drawing Room

This Art gallery is an alterative space to the commercial Art / Framing shops that exhibit shows on a biweekly basis. “The Drawing Room,” was found by chance, and by a simple sign that read, “Art Exhibition # 11.”

This detour leads you to a converted home in a relatively short distance, and to a space filled with the amenities that may be found in any cosy drawing room, providing the owner has a little taste.

The criteria for this exhibition is quite open, and the “Drawing Room” has easels and mounts so that the work of the Artists are shown in its best light, and it is further enhanced by the ambience, ideally, the natural light that permeates into space. For the art buying public, the prospects of seeing the work in a appropriate setting may be a good incentive to buy.

The works of four artists are distinguished by a potpourri of scenic landscapes and craft styles, bordering on a few Christian virtues. Yet, the intimacy of the gallery allows the director, Helen Kelshall to walk through with her clients, and discuss in detail, each of the Artist’s concepts or history. This is welcoming. The business of art today is really for no-frills decorative wall hangings, and the purpose of the work here is an example of amateur Artists who are working the best way they can in the hope that their work will mature as they become more confident with their subject matter, not withstanding the love of the profession itself. Exposure is important, and Ms. Kelshall is aware of this and where her role is firstly as a framer and secondly as a curator that supports her passion for Art.

Top image: The most recognised painting in history painted by a Filipino expatriate who is captivated by the Renaissance, and that of Leonardo da Vinci. He has two interpretations of his work, and one in particular, “The Last Supper” the fresco (1498), by Leonardo da Vinci is needled stitched. He also has embroidered the Word Trade Center buildings, captured in a moonlit night. The needlework in tribute and memory of its collapse. Centre image: A beach paintings. Bottom image: The upper part of a house that has been converted into a alterative Art gallery, Diego Martin, Trinidad, West Indies. – thebookmann

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