Where the white people at – Phase II Pan Groove

Notes that touch the soul in us – Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago going to the pan yards has two purposes, people go to support their Steelbands or they go to lime and get drunk. No matter their motives, Phase II Pan Groove is generally swamped with white middle class Trinidadians and foreigners and this may be because of its ideal safe location, St. James, Port of Spain. Nevertheless, the Arranger “Boogsie Sharpe” is oblivious to all around him as he is focused in getting the best from his players by fine tuning his arrangement no matter how long it takes.

This is Phase II Pan Groove’s practice two days before the Panorama finals, and a witness to the drill many pan players experience repeatedly. A slow beginning brought to a halted as ofter as the Arranger wants. The score is played at a slower tempo so that players do not tire too quickly and to also filter out any discrepancies in each phase of the melody. To properly evaluate a performance, it take patients and the stamina to stay for the entire evening. Eventually the fever would catch you and you’ll experience the full force of the orchestra. The video explains it.

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