A journey to the past – Ontario

Farewell my past, farewell

These photographs were taken from 1990, and it was at a time when thebookmann began to document building that were being demolished in many parts of the city. It was the last rite to the buildings which were once part of the Toronto’s urban landscape and industrial past. -thebookmann


When we speak of progress, what we really mean is to rape ourselves

If you are unfamiliar with these structures, it is because they may not exist today. These photographs was taken in 1993 before the city’s facelift which has transformed it. – Take it or leave it.

On thebookmann’s journey of documenting buildings in parts of the industrial areas of the Toronto, these images say it all because the structures have been erased from memory. So just north of King Street, Toronto, Ontario, there once stood the Gardiner expressway with its dual roadway concrete structure, and at the time, the building below was in being demolished on King Street, east of Yonge. – thebookmann

We remember when we were kids – Irwin Toy

In the series of decay and rebirth, the city of Toronto had a few landmarks plotted in and about the industrial lots situated northwest of Front Street. There was the old train depot littered with carriages and a unusual platform or bay that rotated a train motor 180 degrees in the centre of a destitute field.

This is a view of the city of Toronto with many of the skyscrapers dominated by Banks. The large grain or fuel silos was in the vicinity of lands belonging to the railway. It may be astonishing to see if any structures still exist in 2007, as they were photographed nearly fifteen years ago. -thebookmann

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