A light evening

Jack of all trades, master of none
One of the dangers of being a multi – media artists is that your strengths vary. At the Soft Box Studios in Port of Spain, Kwynn Johnson shows her body of work ranging from embroidery to watercolour, drawings to photography, sculpture to film, installation and so forth…

This is quite a lot to cover and by judging from the large turnout, people have come to see or support her efforts. Ms. Johnson’s concepts focuses on circular patters which she had made by placing her techniques side by side as with her watercolour and embroidery. She has used kraft paper to make small sculptural pieces which are placed on a shelf. She includes detail photographs of the paper objects and In the second room, a video is shown on the subject of bee keeping.

In the 1980s, Christopher Cozier had produced an installation (video) using blue soap, Ms. Johnson has followed his idea with the product in a series of visual puns, stretched onto small canvases. But why Ms. Johnson has incorporated all these facets is confusing. There are too many objects with unequal strengths in a gallery that is not a suitable space to show as many. The exhibition continues until July 17th, 2007. – thebookma

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