All we seek is truth

In our sorrows and in our triumphs, in our battles and in our victories, all we really seek is an universal truth.

What determines truth in art? What separates us from other living things. Is it because we are capable of conceptualizing and placing meaning to the things we make? Is art suppose to represent an individual, ethics, nationality or all of the above? Is art suppose to work in that way and why do we make art to begin with? Are we in such a thirst for art that we can’t distinguish the lines that divide truth from deception. Or is it our purpose to leave behind our timeline in civilization in markings and symbols. Yet as we struggle with the temptation to express who we are in history, are we alone?

The split images are, from the left, an etching made by a dog on concrete and to the right, chalk doodles on a wooden door made by a man.

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