Art Decadence – Damian Hirst

Playing with Obea, an artist goes all out with decadence with trapping of a curse. Hirst is trying to top himself, but Koons still remains king.

If one believes Art retains the power to disturb, the British Artist Damien Hirst has sacrilegiously done so by using a human skull as a sculpture which is encrusted with precious stones worth fifty million British Pounds. It is said to be the most expensive piece in contemporary art. So the age old question arises, How is art valued? Is it the quality of materials, concept, craftsmanship or its relevancy. Mr. Hirst has managed to shed light on the debate surrounding the human condition, and to also touches on the core of our existence for which art enacts. To move or repel and to ask the key questions. What is Man? What is he purpose and why does he create objects in the image of himself? Only Mr. Hirst knows. The art piece, ‘For the love of God’ is being shown at the White Cube gallery in London this week. – thebookmann

Satisfying the human fascination for the macabre, the netherworld and the diamond skull.

Damian Hirst’s biggest accomplishment as an artist may be his ability to foretell the ghoulish nature of our world. Looking at his newest works at White Cube and the text that accompanied it, excitedly talking about this new collection, I found myself cringing at the sight, fully aware that that is what Mr. Hirst hopes we do. This reaction is not Mr. Hirst’s fault at all. Art has taken many guises over the centuries, from the Neolithic skull of early art, blood letting imagery of the Mayan culture and Goya’s prints of extreme violence, Mr. Hirst is to us as Picasso said of himself, I am only a public entertainer who has understood his times. – Adele

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