Before Trinidad – Iere

Every existing species of race brought you here

For commuters who travel the Mucucrapo road into Port of Spain, the race of Trinidadians made-up from a mixture of peoples from Africa, Asia and Europe, one wonders if they ever take time to noticed this sign as they go by.

Erected behind the fence of the Mucurapo Junior Secondary School in Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago, the wooden sign bears the words, “Welcome to Cu-Mucurapo Amerindian Center”. It also has paintings of two Amerindians, side by side in their natural attire of loincloths, feathered headbands, and armour consisting of bows and arrows. The sign also includes illustrations of artifacts and a bleached script inscribing the words, “This village is designed for students and faculty visits”. This is barely visible to the eye, and so are the few ancestors that inhabit this country from which the named Iere, is derived meaning, the “Land of the Humming Bird”.

The Arawak / Taino peoples adored their bodies with paint and shells, women wore short skirts and the men wore less and some went completely naked.- The Columbus Diary

And as faded and invisible the sign is, aboriginal peoples fight all over the globe to gain their rights to their respective lands. Read more on the Caribs on the CAC blog on indigenous peoples internationally.

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