Caribbean Fruits – Coconuts

My nuts are the sweetest….

The method in which a climber ascends up a coconut tree trunk using a rope looped under his foot

The coconut palm is really a marvel. From the fruit to its fibres, many things are produced. In Trinidad and Tobago, the ribs from a branch are used to make a yard broom. All bunched up a tied with a strip of cloth. The ribs also provide the structure for homemade kites. Oils and the raw coconut are used in food preparation and beauty remedies.

The husk and flesh of an opened dry coconut

Coconut is used to make of all things coconut ice cream, freshly churned from a ice cream maker using salt and ice. In rural areas, older ladies are out on the street with their buckets selling the REAL COCONUT. Thick smooth ice cream and churned by hand.

But above all things, coconut water is the healer, and the people who supply the water say, like all hard work, it is hard work. Collecting and deposing of the nut dispenses the same amount of energy. The Queen’s Park Savannah is a place where Trinidadians line up in queue next to their favorite Cold Nuts vendors who generally proclaim, ‘My nuts are real sweet’. And after the satisfying quenching of this purifying water, a favorite is the soft jelly from the nut itself. You just have to asked and a skillful vendor would make a spoon from the outer shell with one chop of his cutlass. This is to scoop out the delicious white jelly from the nut’s shell.

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