Clearing House

Oh how I grieve… May I have a part of you?

No one knows how a bereaved family deals with a death. How they hold on to things or just let go. It’s not in our business to pry or question. But there is a time and place and the time unfortunately has come to the renowned painter Boscoe Holder at his studio in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

In the foyer of Mr. Holder’s gallery, a filigree adored porch leads you into a long white corridor with high ceilings and exits to a tropical courtyard. Within these two boundaries, his paintings and his collection from other artists are hung on the walls. There are too his personal belongings such as furniture and art books. All these items are for sale.

This is not an exhibition but rather in remembrance to a man, his work and his tangible property. They are quite intimate but shockingly stagnant with a touch of morbid curiosity. In all, it is a reminder of our mortality and the realization in death, no matter what you have or what you have created, these things get left behind to the world of the living. -thebookmann

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