Crossroads of the World part II

Things should be simple but not simpler….Albert Einstein

Trinidad and Tobago are two small Caribbean islands off the coast of South America. It is a country that has hosted many international events, most recently it was the World Cup cricket, and for three days, April 17th-19th it is the host of second conference relating to, Crossroads of the World II, a collaborative project by three museums in New York for a proposed show on Caribbean Art in 2009.

Wasting gas money…no lunch included

But where does Trinidad and Tobago fit in to all this? We don’t know, but 30 foreign curators, scholars and historians discussed how well best to represent Caribbean Art from the period of Modernism to Contemporary art today. Caribbean Contemporary Arts, the host of the Crossroads of the World part II conference, is under the patronage of the Reed Foundation in New York. The forum presented curators from the Queens Museum of Art, Studio Museum of Harlem and El Museo el Barrio, who gave an amateurish presentation of the history of their Museums. And by their doubtful and unclear curatorial motive, someone from the audience asked, what is the point of this? To which a speaker rose and spoke in an idiom too didactic to translate. In the end, the team behind this project will curate a show based on their perception of the Caribbean, and the selected works will best suit their ideology. -thebookmann

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