Hey Mr. Deejay – Alice Yard

Celebrating Independence under stormy circumstances

Many in the art community are taking steps to organize and provide their own independent space. This is apt for Artists who find it difficult to show their work in public. One such alternative venue is Alice Yard in Woodbrook, Port of Spain. It is actually the yard from a private residence, fairly small, but intimate enough for a small gathering of people. There is a stage, chairs, tables and bar. The Deejay is located on stage with an array of amplifiers, mixers and turntable.

The picture on your left shows the prosperous future which we all hope in Trinidad and Tobago, it is our forty fifth year of Independence and the evening has begun with an unpredictable onset of a early storm. Yet, on this damp evening Alice Yard’s gig; We callin it de Ipod Sound Clash, was still on. The space that hosts a number of art-based events is featuring a live Rock Band and a few popular Deejays.

The video is a short preview of the Band called “12”. They passionately rocked the Yard with a compilation of popular tunes. Followers grooved in sync with a display of handbends and air guitars from the fusion of Rock, Blues and Jazz.

The yard tapered down with good old soul music and ended with a barrage of Reggae tunes that were constantly cut short but oblivious to the out of control wet-down dancers who were attempting to imitate a Jamaican dance hop, sorry dem bredrin kar dance Jamaican.

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