House of kitsch

Ah looking for a toilet paper roll crochet cover, yuh have?

This wall painting of a ceramic cone filled with fruits of avocados, grapes, apples and pineapples is very inviting to the aunt, mother-in-law or wife of the layman. In many households in Trinidad and Tobago an ornament like the antiques shown here sits on a mantel next to the bouquet of freshly clipped plastic flowers and a figurine more likely to be a porcelain ballerina. There should also be a ceramic religious icon that hangs precariously off the wall in part of the room.

This type of decor is truly an aesthetic to Trinidad and you’ll be lying to yourself if one or two ornaments are not somewhere around in your house. So if you’ll looking for the ideal gift for your great aunt, Zaid’s Gift Centre in St. James has a variety of items to suit her or any occasion. It is the genuine China really from Taiwan. The novelty store has there for many years, and if you peek through their window display, it makes you wonder ….why do people have the fascination for collecting these ostentatious things? See a classic figurine.

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